Thinking songs

Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that life is unfair. Things won't go your way and you will possibly regret every single decision you made. It will be a very long time before you get it right and begin doing things with an improved way of thinking. However, above all, you ought to be yourself and remain true and authentic. If someone doesn't accept you for what you truly are, F*CK'M! Someday, there will be someone who will appreciate you for you, encourage you to be better and acknowledge your caring spirit!

I'm sick and I'm tired of your presence. Why won't you just let me be? I got it right, you don't care about be, you don't think about me, you think I'm worthless. Alrighty, I'm fine with that but your actions plainly reveal your egoistic, indifferent, supercilious, swallow character. What more could you want from me? Though, of course, you just desire me to stand still and invariably wait for you, whenever you decide you're in need of me. Get over it!

Don't you worry, I'll find someone better than you. Anyone could fill these standards. After a lot of thinking and 3 years of infinite and unbearable pain, I've come into a pretty obvious conclusion: You don't deserve me, not another chivalrous tear of mine. So, you can stop pretending that you actually care and I can have me peaceful harmony at last.

My love for you keeps tearing me apart. Nevertheless, now I'm strong enough to fight it, 'cause it's well and truly bad for me. I tried to give you everything but since you only know how to take you can go your own way and call it another lonely day. Because, that's what you truly are, alone; empty and alone I say. And the glorious and positive thing is that I finally don't need and love you any more. So, you're free to go hun!

At last, my faith is restored. Just by listening to an old inspiring song of my favourite artist in the whole world. Now, I remember what kept me going since the beginning and I promise to myself that I will never forget it again. 'Cause I seek for love, real love, ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love! I am a believer and love comes to those who believe in it. Thus, I'll keep looking, despite all the predicaments, for love. And someday I'll find it, 'cause that's the way it is!


  1. Φυσικά και θα βρεις αυτόν που θα είναι εκείνος που θα ταιριάζετε τέλεια, απλά μπορεί να χρειαστεί να ταξιδέψεις αρκετά πρώτα, μη σε τρομάζει αυτό. Απλά να προσέχεις την καρδιά σου Τζίνι.

  1. Ginny said...:

    Σε ευχαριστώ Γουίλ...για πολλά πράγματα!!:) (Ξέρεις εσύ!;) Ναι, έπρεπε να σε ευχαριστήσω και από δω!)
    Σε ευχαριστώ (ξανά και ξανά!) για τα ενθαρρυντικά σου λόγια! Αυτό θα κάνω, να σαι σίγουρος! :)
    Φιλιά πολλά γλυκέ μου!

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