The night so dark, the sky so dangerously empty of its usual luminous stars. Cold wind steals my breath while I am walking down the street. A place without sounds or voices. How can I find my path? How can I find the right way without the guidance of the glorious moon? There are not any lights left. I have used them all attempting to catch a glimpse of happiness. Useless. How could I have been such a fool? The northern lights had tricked me, promising a hug, a kiss. It had most surely seem too good to be true. I had been trying...constantly... That star appears to be so far away. I feel alone here... I feel cold here... I do not want to be afraid. I do not want to die...

There is my light, my little dim of light. A warm feeling embraces me so unexpectedly, so mystically. Are thou real? I dunno. Mistakes had been made. I do not know thee. Thou are a stranger in my dreams. Thou offer me thy hand. There has to be a catch. Should I risk once more? I dunno. The only thing I remember is loneliness which has now flee. I do not want to be afraid...

Hello, stranger. Thou remind me of a night-fairy. Thy sparkling, colourful wings are begging me to follow thee into the abyss of the night. Should I trust the abyss? Should I trust thy wings? The answer lies through my soul... Touching thy smooth skins makes everything seem so different. That odd warmness on my soul feels weird no more. Tears are running on my face since I am no longer able to block them inside.

Happiness, is that thee? I believe I can touch thee now. Time had never been right for us to meet, therefore, here I am, trusting all my life in the arms of an angel. I have been a stranger to myself. Now completeness fills me just by a glimpse of his eyes. Two souls fitting together into a perfect piece of light, a unique star far up in the endless universe. Happiness is that thee?

Hello, stranger...Thank thee for saving me, for bringing me back to life. I will be forever as thankful as faithful I will be to thee. I am not a stranger, no. I am yours. Love so complete, so real, consuming and ridiculous. Our brighting star lights my path in the blue night. Even if thou are not by my side, our star will always lead my wandering bark out of the labyrinth.
Ever mine.
Ever thine.
Ever ours...


  1. Ωραίο κομμάτι Ginny, συνέχισε να γράφεις.

  1. Ginny said...:

    Thanks...Night pen!!!! I'll try! :) Thanks again for your comment!


  1. Ginny said...:

    Σε ευχαριστώ Skpoutzako! Καλό μήνα και σε σένα!!! (με όσο το δυνατόν περισσότερα χαμόγελα!)

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